Our Hospital Equipping Services

We have a range of consultancy services related to health care but in particular equipment advice, procurement and the total equipping of hospitals and health care facilities, either on behalf of clients or on a "turn key" basis. The principles of Hemax have equipped well over fifty such establishments over the twenty seven years.

Our client base includes overseas state and independant hospitals and UK independent health care groups and hospitals, nursing homes and State NHS trusts.

We provide ongoing services to a number of hospital groups and individual hospitals and offer advice, sourcing, negotiating and purchasing services for replacement or new pieces of capital equipment. This encompasses the whole spectrum of equipment, from high tech medical and surgical equipment through to fixtures, fittings and furniture including kitchen and office equipment. We save our clients an average of 23% less than list price when we purchase on their behalf.

Our credibility relies on our experience and in our in-depth knowledge of hospital design and equipment coupled with hard negotiating skills, which enable the company to provide our clients' required quality of equipment at highly reduced prices and thus achieve exceptional value for money. Our fees are usually recovered several times over by the savings made.

The extent of services provided clearly relates to the individual needs of the client and the type of contract - flexibility is a vital component of our approach. However, within the role of equipping and commissioning, a range of key services can be, and are, provided.

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Other Activities: -

• Equipment Evaluation

• Research into the feasibility of the development of healthcare facilities.

• Site finding.

• Planning and design of health care units.

• Architectural services through an associate specialist practice Manning & Elliott.

• Project management and planning consultancy.

• Quantity surveying services through an associate specialist practice.

• Mechanical & Electrical consultancy services through an associate specialist practice.

• Interior Design through an associate specialist practice (Triumph Interiors)

• Structural engineering services through an associate specialist practice.